5 ways to pimp your porridge

Make boring breakfasts a thing of the past with Rebel Kitchen’s 5 tips to guarantee your morning porridge is just right.

Ah – Porridge. The very word is synonymous with those fluffy bed socks everyone has at the back of their drawer (you know the ones). Colder mornings mean warmer breakfasts. Here at Rebel Kitchen, we’ve got your back. Read on and you’ll feel the heat from a roaring fire and Santa’s jingling sleigh. Well, pretty much.

1. Baked Berry Breakfast Bar

Guys. Baking. Oats. Is. A. Thing. Hear us out. It takes a little more time but who doesn’t want a warm square of oat bar fresh from the oven for breakfast?!

Mix Rebel Kitchen Semi Skimmed Mylk, berries, honey and oats. Bake on medium for 20 mins. Slice up and enjoy.

#hintsandtips: dollop our Coconut Vanilla Yogurt on top. Thank us later.

2. Carrot Cake Oats

All the flavour of the nation’s favourite cake but in breakfast-friendly oat form. Grated carrot adds colour to your morning bowl plus dishes up a load of nutrients before you’re even out of the door. The secret to nailing that spicy/sweet taste is to be generous with nutmeg and cinnamon and giving a final drizzle of maple syrup on top.

#hintsandtips: Use our Chai Mylk as the base. It has a unique blend of Organic spices: cacao, cinnamon, turmeric and cardamom all within a ready-to-use coconut mylk drink. It works a treat.


3. Zoats

Zoats is mixing grated zucchini (courgette) with oats and Mylk. Just like grated carrot, it’s an easy way of getting extra nutrients in pre-9am and is super filling. Now you know why you’ve been seeing them all over your Insta feed.

#hintsandtips: We promise you can’t taste the zucchini but adding a heaped teaspoon of nut butter into the mix is never a bad thing…

4. Quinoa Queen

Nutty. Crunchy. Fancy.

A great one to whip up if you have guests to impress. Mix quinoa (red and white) with oats and Mylk; taking beige and boring to colourful and interesting.

5. Black Rice

Admittedly this one is not made with oats, but black rice is a great way to mix it up this porridge season. Instead of using coconut cream from a tin, we use our Whole Mylk to cook the rice in which contains a whopping 25% coconut cream.

#hintsandtips: Add coconut flakes and honey for a sticky and satisfying Asian-inspired breakfast.

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