Established in 1872 in Ginza, Tokyo, Shiseido was the first Western-style pharmacy in Japan. For over 140 years, Shiseido has continued to spearhead innovation and act as a pioneer in the beauty space. Developing ground-breaking technology for world-class skincare innovation and being recognised through numerous awards, from their global best-seller Ultimune, which enhances the skin’s inner defences, to the debut of ‘Essential Energy’ with Neuroscience-powered technology.

Shiseido find beauty all over the world, in science and art, in the products they make and how they engage with the world. Shiseido don’t just lead J-Beauty; they are J-Beauty.

You can find their products, including Ultimune 2.0, Waso Jelly Lotion and Essential Energy at Stylist Live this year.


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