Minerva Research Labs

Created in 2009 in London, MINERVA Research Labs, the company behind Gold Collagen, has become a renowned player in the health and beauty industry in over 20 countries. The scientifically developed, clinically tested range of products includes beauty liquid supplements and now also anti-ageing topical products.

They’ll be offering 3-for-2 promotion on their range, launching a new anti-age lip volumiser.

The range includes: PURE GOLD COLLAGEN® helps fight the early signs of ageing, GOLD COLLAGEN® FORTE helps combat the more advanced signs of ageing and oxidative stress and ACTIVE GOLD COLLAGEN helps promote muscle and joint health as well as the youthful appearance of skin. GOLD COLLAGEN® DEFENCE tablets help protect against collagen loss and the GOLD COLLAGEN® HYDROGEL MASK supports skin hydration and radiance and the new Anti-ageing Lip Volumiser to help restore the lips natural volume and protect them from external damage.

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