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The Future of Medicine: Can holistic health heal the nation?

As we broaden our conversations on mental health and wellbeing – and with our precious NHS in its 70th year and feeling the strain more than ever – is it time we to start revolutionising the way we think about health?

Lead Stage – 12:25

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Breaking Into ‘The Boys’ Club’

Tastemaker Annie has spent the last decade carving out a career as a broadcaster and international DJ. She currently hosts the weekday 7-9pm show on Radio 1 and also curates her own Annie Mac Presents (AMP) brand, which hosts line-ups on international stages, major festivals and club nights throughout the UK – even launching her very own festival, Lost and Found, in Malta in 2015.

Grow Stage – 15:40

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Stylist Self Care Sessions: Hormones

Modern life has most of us in a constant state of ‘hormonal havoc’ – whether we know it or not. Join leading nutritional therapist Angelique Panagos to discover how to find balance and feel more in control of your moods, sleep cycles, skin, fertility, and more…

Grow Stage – 17:00

New Talk Titles Announced! 17

How to be Mary Shelley: Writing Horror

Whether its the real life terror of Trump or the beastliness of Brexit inspiring our reading choices, sales of horror fiction have been steadily increasing year on year. And as it’s the 200th anniversary of the release of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, we celebrate the genre with top tips on how to write chilling chapters – and what books you should be reading in 2019 to keep you up at night…

Spark Stage – 16:25

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Pod Save Me: How to create a podcast people actually want to listen to

How many conversations have you had where you’ve found yourself thinking “this should be a podcast”? In this session hear from the women who’ve honed their topic, found their audience and made an impact on the download chart.

Spark – 11:25

New Talk Titles Announced! 12

Stylist Self Care Sessions: Mental Health

The stats say one in three will experience mental illness, but just like taking your morning multivitamin, we don’t need to be ill to make time for our mind’s wellbeing. So, how can two thirds of us benefit from the boom in the mental health conversation? Join us as we delve into the self care movement – and what taking a proactive approach to the health of our brain really looks like.

Grow – 11:30

New Talk Titles Announced! 22

Stylist Life Drawing Class with Michelle Elman

Inspiration, empowerment, and creativity packed into one room. In this exclusive life drawing class, we invite you to join a globally renowned body confidence coach Michelle Elman, aka @scarrednotscared, for an intimate interview and art class.

Thrive Studio – 15:30

New Talk Titles Announced! 16

More Porn Please, We’re Women

In the wake of #MeToo and #TimesUp more women than ever are taking viewing and sexual pleasures into their own hands (pun not intended). Ethical porn is finally breaking into the mainstream and repositioning how we think of about desire, sex and the female form. Join us to meet the women changing the conversation and creating better porn.

Spark Stage – 17:25

New Talk Titles Announced! 19



How to Live More British: the ultimate post Brexit survival guide

What will UK life really look like after Brexit? What do we actually need to know? Should we all start stockpiling medicines as we bare up for the fall of the NHS? Should we flee to Canada or, quickly, find someone (anyone) Irish to marry? Join us to answer all this (and some actual, ‘proper’ worthwhile questions)…

Spark Stage – 12:25

New Talk Titles Announced! 25

Stylist Self Care Sessions: Sleep

We love sleep. In fact, we can’t get enough of it. No, seriously… we can’t get enough sleep. We’ve become a nation nursing a love hate relationship with our snooze button and inhaling flat whites on our way into the office. So how can we improve the quality of our sleep? And why do we need to? Join us as we discover how to ensure the precious little slumber we do get really powers us through the day.

Grow Stage – 12:30

New Talk Titles Announced! 10

The New Approach to Mindfulness: Wellness in the 21st Century

As meditation begins to feel like the new norm we look at mindfulness 2.0 and what the movement (that’s frankly not going anywhere) can really do for our mental wellbeing. Join wellness advocate and founder of the app Happy not Perfect, Poppy Jamie, as she takes us through the science underpinning the importance of a mindfulness routine.

Spark Stage – 13:25

New Talk Titles Announced! 18

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