10 Most Inspirational Quotes from Stylist Live 2017

Crikey, it was tough to choose just 10…

So, you might have heard, but this year’s Stylist Live was our biggest yet. 21,000 of you poured through the doors to shop boutiques and big names, to indulge in our delish Gourmet-on-the-Go street food and hustle to be front row at our gorgeous Stylist curated catwalk. But amongst the excitement of the festival, upon four large stages, we let the features of our weekly Stylist pages come to life.

And, with more experts, celebrity interviews and fiercely passionate panel discussions than any previous festival we’ve hosted, we were almost overwhelmed with the sheer volume of advice, insight and inspiration from our speakers.

So now that the dust has settled, here are just 10 of our favourite gems of discovery, advice and quotes.


 “Put your attention on the person in front of you and don’t make it about you: that’s when we become charismatic”

“We should all have a ‘power hour’ – do the most challenging task first and it’ll set you up for the day”


“Start breaking the taboo and start talking about the pay gap at work, just like we’ve broken the taboo on sexual harassment”


 “To be heard is vital. There are people who want to shut you down – don’t engage with them. Life is too short.”


“Choosing not to see race is truly a luxury.”

“Don’t allow any decision to be made about you without you”

From our Politics: Why Bother? Panel where Catherine MayerNimco Ali and Jess Phillips lobbied the reasons women, especially, should engage with politics in the UK.


“If we stopped policing each other’s bodies we’d all feel a lot better”

“On first dates, the man always picks up the bill. This is where feminism retreats. Want equality? We need to front up.”

“Learning to take charge of your emotions is so empowering. Find your voice and take control of your message.”

And finally, to close the show with Katherine Ryan’s Big Finish:

“I grew up not even considering for a moment that my life might be harder because I was a woman. I just didn’t know that. Then when I went into what is a male dominated industry, still, it never occurred to me that it might be harder for me… But my blind spot really helped me. I just always moved forward doing the best that I could do in my voice.”